Santa Hirša "Andris Breže. Gaismas konstruktors"

Santa Hirša "Andris Breže. Designer of the Light"

"If one were to seek an analogy for Breže’s works in the world of sound, one might imagine a monotonous robot’s voice practically instructing and commenting, telling of what is around us, things which are visible but not always seen. Usually these are everyday yet unusual paradoxes which absurdly turn the meanings of visual symbols on their heads. Over more than four decades, Breže’s style has employed bigger and smaller jokes and witticisms to deconstruct the prevailing system of communication and signs embodied by language, objects, natural forms and visual art as a manmade phenomenon. Usually this language of deconstruction has been decidedly constructive and functional, exciting in a craftsman-like fashion. Rather than demolishing and abandoning, it orders and arranges elements of wholeness in new combinations." (Santa Hirša)

Ugas Skulmes kritiskie raksti. 1921-1940

Critical Writings of Uga Skulme. 1921–1940

The artist, critic, art historian and teacher Uga Skulme was not only the most consistent follower of Pablo Picasso’s Cubism and Neoclassicism in the early 1920s, but also a highly prolific art reviewer in countless editions of the interwar period.

Inga Pērkone "Ekrāna skatuve. Par aktiermākslu Latvijas kino"

Inga Pērkone "Stage of the Screen: on the Acting in Latvian Cinema"

"The purpose of this book is not a monolithic and in-depth study of acting in Latvian films, but rather an interpretation of the topic "Who is an actress / actor and how they appear in Latvian cinema"." (Inga Pērkone)

Čārlzs Bukovskis "Kodiens"

Charles Bukowski "Bite"

Neputns' Canvas Series 

The first book in the Neputns' Canvas Series: selection of poems by Charles Bukowski. Translated and edited by Jānis Elsbergs. Editor of the series: Kārlis Vērdiņš. Design of the series by Andris Breže.

Niklāvs Strunke

Niklāvs Strunke

Monograph about Latvian artist Niklāvs Strunke (1894-1966).